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 To give to the NEW Fayette County Higher Education Center, please click here.

Committee Meeting, October 3 at 9 a.m. 

Location: Career Center

For more information on enrollment, please call 731-881-7764

Senior adults, 60 and older, can audit classes at Somerville.

Auditing these courses is free. Audit means that you attend the course for your own interest, but there is no credit earned. You do not take tests unless you really want to. You would get more from the course and be able to follow the course better if you have bought the text. I will be bringing copies of the texts to Somerville for you.

The enrollment process is as follows:

1) Each person needs to apply for admission. Go to and set up a Login ID and PIN.

Suggestion: Please pick an easy to remember ID such as your first initial and last name.  Example: tcates for Tommy Cates. For a PIN, I would use something simple like your phone number or some other easily remembered PIN. Press the Enter key. A new page will appear asking you to select application type.

2) Click on “A.UG: Freshman” and a menu appears. Click on “E. UG: Special”, and then click on “Continue.” A new page will appear asking for more information.

3) In Admission Term, select “Fall 2014.” Type your First and Last names. Click “Fill out Application.”

4) Complete the information under each of the ten categories beginning with “Name” and ending with “Additional Information”.

a. In the section entitled “Parental Information,” leave this whole section blank.
b. In the section entitled “Planned Course of Study,” leave this as an of the entries for the time being. We can correct this if you decide to move in to a degree program.

5) You will be asked to pay $30 for the application fee. If you are previous student at UTM, there is no charge.

After you have applied online, I will help you by registering you for the class(es) that you wish to audit.

After completing this, please go to . You will need to complete the second page of this for to state that you are over 60. ALSO, you will need a photocopy of your driver’s license or other identification that states your age. Send this form and the photocopy to me/ Fax or you can scan the form and copy and attach it to an email to me.

Some of the courses that may be of interest to you are:

Monday 6:30-9:15
Animal Science 230 is referred to as our “Companion Animal” course. The official title is Exotic and Companion Animal Management. The catalog description is “A survey of the basic principles involved in the care and management of exotic and companion animal species. Particular emphasis will be on nutrition and feeding programs, breeding cycles, vaccination programs and diseases of exotic and companion animals generally regarded as household pets.” Erica Carroll is the instructor.

Tuesday 6:00-8:45
History 497 is “Recent History of the U.S., 1945 to the Present” and the description is “An assessment of the important activities and changes in American life brought on in large part by WW II and the subsequent competition between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.” Adam Wilson is the instructor.

Thursday 6:00-8:45
Political Science 220 is “American Political Institutions and Policy”. This is “A survey of the origin and structure of political decision making in the various institutions of American government, including the legislative, judicial, and executive branches. The course also places an emphasis on the public policy process as it relates to issues on domestic and foreign policy.” Nick Kistenmacher is the instructor.

Agriculture 250 is “Issues in Alternative Agriculture.” This is “A study of alternative agriculture; including biofuels, organic agriculture, biotechnology, value-added agriculture and agri-tourism as they relate to the agriculture complex. Special emphasis will be given to the scientific and economic impacts to society. Students will be given a broad understanding of the relationships between agriculture and natural resource use.” This is a readings course that covers these topics and others that are generally of interest to people in an agricultural area.

We have other classes, but they are more focused on entry level college students.

Once you decide what you want to audit, please email me at let me know. I will register you as a courtesy to you.

Do not hesitate to call me. My office is 731-881-7638, cell is 731-514-7050, or home is 731-799-3605.

Tommy Cates



UT Martin- Welcome to Somerville, TN

The University of Tennessee at Martin officially became a part of the community Saturday, July 12th, as Somerville and Fayette County hosted UT Martin Day on the courthouse square in Somerville. The day-long celebration featured live radio broadcasts from Q107.5 and performances by the drum corps at Fayette Ware High School. UT Martin financial and academic advisors were kept busy throughout the day addressing individual needs and concerns of prospective students as UT Martin has scheduled 8 classes to be offered at the Somerville Career Center starting August 25 for the 2014 Fall Semester. Several $500 scholarships were also awarded to students enrolling in classes at UT Martin Somerville this fall.

The Fayette County Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony which highlighted several local officials. Somerville Mayor Bob Turner led the ceremony and remarked that the addition of UT Martin as a part of our community has been the objective of many local officials and volunteers for a number of years and will result in the local availability of higher education for our citizens. Kara Tapp, Communications Director with the Fayette County Public Schools, introduced the Fayette Ware Band and highlighted their many recent awards and encouraged everyone to support the Fayette Ware Band’s efforts at completing funding necessary to send the band members to band camp this summer in Alabama. State Senator Dolores Gresham told the crowd that the addition of UT Martin into the community is the first step toward eventual establishment of the Fayette County Higher Education Center, which will consist of a partnership with UT Martin, a community college component, and a technical institute component, and this effort fits perfectly with Governor Haslam’s higher education initiatives currently being enacted throughout Tennessee. UT Martin Chancellor Dr. Tom Rakes was on hand and told the crowd that UT Martin is excited to be a part of the future of our community and will continue to provide higher education opportunities for local citizens throughout the future.

Festivities continued throughout the day and refreshments were available through several vendors, including Somerville Police Chief Ricky Hoskins’ famous Bar-B-Q. UT Martin Assistant Vice Chancellor Charley Deal, along with UT Martin Off Campus Studies Executive Director Tommy Cates, held the inaugural meeting of the Fayette County Higher Education Advisory Board in the Fayette County Courthouse. Both Charley Deal and Tommy Cates are becoming well known in the community and were available to discuss plans for the future along with providing an ample supply of “Orange Crush” soft drinks to further show that the “Big Orange” has arrived in Somerville.


Letter from the Executive Committee:

Somerville Mayor Robert Turner and Fayette County Mayor Rhea “Skip” Taylor have undertaken a bold initiative in a joint effort to provide quality post-secondary educational opportunities within the local community by pursuing the vision of a higher education consortium within one facility with the capability of offering technical training along with community college and university-level curricula within Fayette County.

Strategically located near the geographic center of Fayette County between Somerville and Oakland, the proposed 26,000 square foot facility will be administered by the University of Tennessee at Martin and built on a 7 acre site on Highway 64 providing easy access to Highway 385 and the growing communities in the area. Designed to meet the needs of the participating educational institutions and students, this center will ensure the on-going development of an educated workforce, will serve as a tool for new industry recruitment, and will provide training and support for the existing industry and business base.

UT Martin will begin offering classes in the Career Center on the Somerville Courthouse Square during the 2014 Fall Semester and UT Martin, along with local officials and volunteers, is currently seeking funding for this project through various sources that include grants, foundations, and corporate and individual contributions. This project will bring years of prosperity to the Town of Somerville, Fayette County, and the surrounding area, providing a brighter future for our children and more opportunities for every citizen.

To achieve true prosperity, we must dream of scaling the heights of excellence, be bold enough to take the initiatives others before us have envisioned, and be willing to build upon the foundations of advancement already initiated by our predecessors for the continued successful development of our children and all future generations.


The Fayette County Higher Education Center Executive Committee

Richard Rucker, Chairman

Somerville Mayor Robert Turner

Fayette County Mayor Rhea “Skip” Taylor

Fayette County Commissioner Steve Reeves

Marlin Mosby

Joe Rimstidt


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MARTIN, Tenn. —

The classes scheduled to be offered this fall include: English 100, Mathematics 100, Geology 110, Geography 151, Political Science 220, History 475 and two agriculture courses to be chosen from among International Food and Fiber Systems 295, Behavior of Farm and Companion Animals 260, Farm Animal Health 320 or Introduction to Natural Resources Management 100.

Fall semester classes begin Aug. 25 and will meet four nights per week from 6-9 p.m. in the career center’s two classrooms. More information about UT Martin academic programs is available at


UTM Addenda, June 30th.